Q: How do I access my NTU email?
Q: What are the important websites for NTU students?
Q: How do I register for classes?
Step 1: Browse NTU course information:
Step 2: Register using the Course Selection System:
Step 3: Check the course selection result:

Q: Where do I go to pay tuition?
To access your tuition invoice, go to Tuition & Fees:

Q: What are the available housing options?
On-campus dormitory information for international students can be found here:  students/current-students-temp/accommodation-new
If you would like to opt for off-campus housing, some useful sites are (in Chinese) (中文)

Q: How do I prepare for my first Seminar I class?
The first class you will take as an IPCS student will be Seminar I, where you will briefly present your initial thesis research plan. The TA will send an email during the summer with important information about requirements and assignments, please make sure to check your NTU email well in advance!

Q: Regulation of Seminar II class?
Students need to attend 18 research presentations and write a summary of each presentation. The 18 summaries should consist at least 4 long summaries (1500-2000 words; see supplemental information about format and word limit).

Q: What is the Academic Ethics course and how do I take it?
The Academic Ethics course is a 6-hour online course required by the Ministry of Education for all NTU students. It is available in both English and Chinese, and must be completed in your first semester.
Center for Taiwan Academic Research Ethics Education:


Q: Are there part-time jobs available for IPCS students?
Please ask the IPCS office about the different part-time jobs and TA opportunities open to IPCS students every semester.

Q: Do I need a work permit for on-campus jobs?
International students are required to apply for a work permit and have a Chunghwa Post Office account open to receive their salary.
Work permit applications for overseas Chinese and foreign students are found online here.
Please notify your employer about your work permit application to ensure that you receive it promptly.
Chunghwa Post Office :
Q: When is the Add/Drop period for IPCS courses?
Please refer to the NTU Academic Calendar for specific course selection dates.
NTU calendar:
Q: Are the core courses mostly lectures or laboratory-based?
IPCS core courses generally incorporate both lectures and experiments or collaborative hands-on activities. Most of the classes will assign long-term group projects that culminate in a final presentation and written report. You will be graded largely according to your participation and contribution.
Q: How can IPCS student select journal to submit?
Owing to numerous research field and journals for IPCS student, we strongly recommend that you should discuss with your supervisor and committee.