• President, Student Coucil

    Shueh Sheng-Ju (Lewis)

    Hi, I am Lewis, a senior student from IPCS. I have been working at Soil and Water Conservation Bureau for four years since I graduated from the university. IPCS brings students interdisciplinary courses and students from different fields. My major is natural science, and my current project is to develop a model for forecasting the level of underground water by using accumulated rainfall. Moreover, I am interested in outdoor activities such as hiking, scuba diving and basketball. If you guys want to know about our program or me, please contact us without any hesitation.

  • Vice President, Student Council

    Yang Hsin

    Hello, my name is Yang Hsin. I am a master student in IPCS. I graduated from atmospheric science in National Central University. Recently, I joined a project called “Smart campus”. In the project, we will build a living lab on NTU campus and provide environmental services for the public. Through the environmental monitoring data, I hope the information could be used in different purposes in the near future. Besides, I am also a big fan of badminton. Do not be shy to contact us, if you guys are interested in my research or the program. Let’s play badminton all together.