• President, Student Coucil

    Holly Wu

    Hi, my name is Holly Wu. I am a second-year master student in IPCS. I previously studied in Cross College Elite Program (major in psychology) at National Cheng Kung University for my bachelor’s degree. Now you might notice that all of students in IPCS came from different departments. Climate change and sustainability are interdisciplinary studies, so I believe that the diversity of students can create more impactful research. Aside from my major, I like to have fun at parties and drinks. If you are interested in the related research or activities, you are welcome to contact or invite me.

  • Vice President, Student Coucil

    Yuchen Hsu

    Hi! My name is Yuchen and I’m a first-year graduate student in IPCS. I majored in Finance and Laws in my bachelor degree, and went to France as an exchange student studying international business. I care about the environment and sustainable development. My current research topic is "Strategy in the Company’s Sustainable Management". In my free time, I like traveling, playing badminton, watching movies and drinking! IPCS is a warm family and we all come from different backgrounds using our own specialty to think about new solutions or generate new ideas on climate change issues together. Don’t be afraid that you are weird. IPCS is an inclusive community and also the place for you to speak out your ideas or learn more about sustainable issues.  If you care about sustainability, want to know more about IPCS, please feel free to contact me!

  • Minister of Activities Department, Student Council

    Jenny Chou

    Hi, I am Jenny, the event planning Coordinator in IPCS. I graduated from the Department of Architecture in NCKU and have worked as a first-line educator for the past few years. Through promoting conscience education, I deeply feel how important sustainable environmental education is. It is a critical period to cultivate correct cognitions and values, and to discuss international issues and local Implementation. Let all realize the global community as one, and be willing to devote their lives and energy to world citizenship education for the sustainability of the peace and prosperity of the earth and mankind. Based on the care for human beings, all creatures and nature, I wish to dedicate my passion for life and pursuit of truth to connecting human beings with the inner nature, and awakening the essence of oneness. You're welcome to contact me.

  • Minister of Public Relations Department, Student Council

    Chloe Li

    Hello, I am Chloe. My major in university was Forestry. This is the first year of my master degree, and my current research is about renewable energy and land use. I really like Taiwan's mountains and also other outdoor activities. Contact me for any kinds of collaboration!