Q: Are the Masters/PhD programs internationally recognized?
National Taiwan University Masters/PhD programs are officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In terms of eligibility for admission into PhD programs at other universities, students are advised to confirm that their prospective schools recognize the IPCS master’s degree.

Q: What countries do IPCS international students come from?
● Australia
● Vietnam
● Philippines
● Haiti
● Mainland China
Q: What are the different types of scholarships available?
Q: What is the timetable for the application process?
Updated IPCS application deadlines for international students can be found here.
General information on applying to NTU as an international student can be found here.

Q: Are IPCS courses suitable for those with a social science background?
IPCS core courses are designed to be interdisciplinary, so that all students regardless of background will be able to take them and participate in knowledge sharing. If a course requires prior scientific background, this will be indicated in the syllabus.