Current Students and their Studies

Ph.D. Students

Name Advisor(s) Study
Chen, Hung-Kai Chyi-Rong Chiou  
Cheng, Sophia Tze-Luen Alan Lin Financing Sustainable Projects
Elusma, Manassé Sue Ching Jou Food System vulnearablity and resilience to climate disasters: farmer's coping and Adapatation Strateage in Haidi
Fang, Hui-Shih Tze-Luen Alan Lin Changes occurred in Natural History Museums under Anthropocene
Fu, Shin-Pei Sheng Lin Chang Governance of Upstream Regions of Urban Rivers: Comparative Research of Water Protection Areas in Taipei (Pingling) and Tokyo (Kosuge)
Hue, Truong Thi Thanh Ching-Pin Tung Text Mining for the Analysis of Research Trends in Sustainable Development
Kan, Cheng Kuan Ching-Pin Tung Using unsupervised weather pattern classification technique to improve port climate change wind hazard assessment
Keng, Cheng-Hsiao   Research on Promoting New Flood Control Management-Governance on River Basin Platform
Li, Chen-Guang Tze-Luen Alan Lin How The Science-Policy Interfaces shape the policy of wetland conservation in Taiwan (provisional)
Lin, Meng-Hui Ching-Pin Tung Low carbon transition in university Campus
Phan, Loan Thi Sue Ching Jou Participatory Planning in Tourism Management at Riparian Zones: the cases of Mekong River Delta
Reyes, Mariana Gabrielle Cangco   Path towards Sustainable Tourism
Su, Yi-Ting Chyi-Rong Chiou Evaluate the sustainability on recycle and reuse flow of Taiwan used paper container based on the UN SDGs indicators
Wang, Siang-Heng Jehn Yih Juang Investigating atmosphere-vegetation interactions under different management stragategies in tea field
Wang, Wan-Ching Tze-Luen Alan Lin Exploring Electricity Transition in East Asia - towards a Renewable Future: the Case of Taiwan and Japan
Wu, Gwo-Bin   Enhancing Renewable Energy Development in Taiwan through Regulation Designs
Yang, Yi-Ting (Elle)   Appropriate Technology for Food Water Energy Nexus

Master Students

Name Advisor(s) Study
Ahn, Heeje   The impact of human activities on the marine ecosystem and sustainability analysis to solve marine pollution
Chang, Rong-Cih   Policy comparisons of the UK and Taiwan governments in delivering on net zero carbon commitments
Chang, Tzu-Chun Ching-Pin Tung Risk assessment of water shortage for enterprises under climate change
Chang, Yu-Chieh (Linus)   Analysis of relationship between self-connectedness to nature and ecological behaviors in a gender perspective
Chen, Jen-Chih (Jean)    
Chen, Tsan-Yu (Chris)   The UN SDGs implementation in the third world. / International aid practice of SDGs (Professional track)
Chen, Wen-He    
Chen, Yen-Ming Jen Ping Chen  
Cheng, Hsiu-Huei Chyi-Rong Chiou Community Food Forest Development in Taiwan
Chung, Yi-An   Reproduction cue of Formosan landlocked salmon (Oncorhynchus mason formosanus)
Etienne, Nynia Chatal Jihn-Sung Lai, Hikaru Komatsu Why are mental health issues marginalized in Saint Lucia? An analysis of post-disaster policies.
Fabri, Kim Jade   Climate change and wildlife: the essential role of NGOs for wildlife protection
Fang, Yen-Chih Wen-Chen Chang Transitions in Energy, Public Trust Doctrine and the Conflict of Rights in Sustainable Development
Ferguson, Mary Rebecca   Asia Cement Company vs. Truku peoples: a Demonstration of Native Sovereignty Leading the Fight for Climate Justice
Gibbons, Samuel Wesley Ludwig   The Environmental Impact of Bitcoin mining
Hsu, Chun Yung   The factors affect specie richness along altitude
Lai, Yen-Ming   A Feasibility Analysis of Materialization of Wood Residue Produced after Pruning Trees in Campus
Li, Ya-Chun   Citizen Power Plants in Taiwan
Li, Yun-Hsuan Jiun-Chuang Lin  
Lien, Li-Ting    
Lin, Fang-Yu Chyi-Rong Chiou Scientific index establishment for Azalea (Rhododendron pulchrum) phenological stages survey in Taiwan
Lin, Kun-Hsien Tze-Luen Alan Lin Local Energy Saving Policy in Taiwan from the Public-Private-Partnerships Perspective: Energy-Efficient Lighting Project in New Taipei City
Lin, Li   Difference of tidepool fishes composition between north and south Taiwan
Lin, Szu-Ying Min Hui Lo, Jehn Yih Juang The impacts of terrestrial water and forest carbon uptake under the change of precipitation in Chi Lan montane cloud fog forest
Lin, Wei-Sheng Ching-Pin Tung typhoon vulnerability assessment for industrial sector in Taiwan
Lo, Ko-Jung Hui Yu Wang Impacts of climate change on pelagic fisheries: an assessment on the risk of fisheries conflict
Lu, Chueh-Ning   Ocean ecosystem services monetary valuation
Peng, Yu-Wen Tze-Luen Alan Lin Comparisons of the Renewable Energy Certification Mechanism
Roces, Sophia Marguerite Palanca Sue Ching Jou Greening Taipei’s Social Housing
Shueh, Sheng-Ju Ching-Pin Tung Time series analysis and warming criteria establishment for large-scale landslides in Lishan under extreme climate
Yang, Hsin Shiuh-Shen Chien The impact of air quality in NTU campus microclimate