Student Representatives

  • President, Student Coucil

    Jen-Chih (Jean) Chen

    Hello, my name is Jean Chen. I am a first year master student in IPCS. I got my bachelor degree on renewable energy engineering from National Cheng Kung University. Although most of us are from the science department, IPCS covers interdisciplinary studies and the students are from a wide variety of backgrounds. We all care for the environment and try to do our best to maintain the beauty and the balance of our motherland. Sustainability is in every aspect of our lives. If you are interested in the related research or classes, you are more than welcome to contact me.

  • Vice President, Student Coucil

    Tsan-Yu (Chris) Chen

    Hello, My name is Chris (陳璨宇). I am a first-year master's student in IPCS. I previously studied Oceanography and Political Economy at NSYSU for my bachelor’s degree. Sounds weird right? If you are also as weird as me, the IPCS is the place for you to leverage your interdisciplinary learning in your study. For my master’s degree, I decided to focus on the topic of environmental and climate change education, which I believe is the only way to turn the tide of the current situation of the planet and humanity. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about IPCS or just want to chat. By the way, Let's be friends if you like outdoor activities and Taiwanese indie music.

  • Minister of Public Relations Department, Student Council

    Yu-Chieh (Linus) Chang

    Hello, I am Linus. My major in university was energy engineering, and I had worked as an engineer before I joined this program. This is the first year of my master degree, and my current research is about gender and climate justice. IPCSers from various backgrounds are here only because we all care about our planet, our country and our society. Contact me for any kinds of collaboration!

  • Minister of Activities Department, Student Council

    Yen-Ming (Alvin) Lai

    Hi, my name is Alvin. I am a master student in IPCS. I am very concerned about environment protection and sustainable development. I study soil organic matter and biochar as my thesis topic. In addition, I have great passion in promoting circular economy. Aside from my major, I like outdoor activities such as hiking and swimming. I also like music, especially funk and city pop. Contact us if you want to learn more about IPCS.