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Applications for Admission

Potential Advisor Agreement Form 博士班指導教授意向書PDF檔下載連結 博士班指導教授意向書ODT檔下載連結 博士班指導教授意向書WORD檔下載連結

Forms for Graduate Students

Application for Pre-study Seminar III 
Advisor Consent Form
Application for Change in Advisor

Request for Transfer of Credit from Foreign Schools

Guidelines for Credit Transfer 國立臺灣大學學生出國修課學分採計要點PDF檔下載連結 學生自行出國採計課程科目及學分申請表WORD檔下載連結
Application for transferring credit from foreign schools form 學生自行出國 採計課程科目及學分申請表PDF檔下載連結 學生自行出國採計課程科目及學分申請表WORD檔下載連結

Doctoral Supervisory Committee and Annual Evaluation

Annual Evaluation Form
Qualification Examination Form
Establishment of the Doctoral Supervisory Committee
The list of Doctoral Supervisory Committee (DSC)
Qualifying Examination Application Form
Receipt of Qualifying Examination Fee

Degree Examination

Degree Examination Routine for IPCS
Exam Date Survey and Committee Member Contact
Academic Achievement Record for Graduate Students
Degree Examination Cancellation Application Form
Thesis Similarity Index Approval Form

Student Achievement Award

Guidelines for the IPCS Student Achievement Award & Application Form

CoS Dean's Award

Guidelines for Applying for the College of Science Dean’s Award
Determining Graduation Deposition

M.S. Practical Track

Stipulations for M.S. Practical Track (including application forms)