Alumni Theses

Class of 2020

Master Student Advisor Title DOI
Chang, Po-Shen Jen Ping Chen, Cheng-I Hsieh The Potential Impact of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Installation on Local Circulation and Convection in Taipei 10.6342/NTU202003892
Chen, Po-Yu Jehn Yih Juang Pattern of Electricity Consumption in Summer with respect to Microclimate in Taipei City 10.6342/NTU202002398
Chen, Wei-Jhe Jehn Yih Juang Investigating Pedestrian-level Wind Fields and Thermal Environments Under Different Urban Morphology in Tainan 10.6342/NTU202002062
Guh, Chang-Ting Wen-Chen Chang An Overhaul on the Nuclear Safety Regime after the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: from the International Legal Framework to the Case Study in Taiwan 10.6342/NTU202000431
Ho, Wei-Jung Wen-Chen Chang, Kuo-Tsang Huang The Dilemma of Campus Energy Conservation under Climate Change: A Case Study on NTU Main Campus 10.6342/NTU202004100
Hsiao, Yi-Ting Hui Yu Wang, Min Hui Lo Different Types of ENSO Impact on the Distribution of Catch Rate of Two Tropical Tunas 10.6342/NTU202002310
Lin, Meng-Hui Ching-Pin Tung Integrated Decision Framework on Climate Adaptation and UN SDGs: SDG 6 in Taiwan 10.6342/NTU201904036
Lin, Po-Chun Chyi-Rong Chiou The Comparison of a Fishery Processing Factory's Circular Economy Business Models 10.6342/NTU202001783
Tang, Li-Cheng Shiuh-Shen Chien A Case Study of Pig-Rising Project from Capacity Development Perspective 10.6342/NTU202003969

Class of 2019

Master Student Advisor Title DOI
Chen, Yu-Lien Min Hui Lo Mapping the Growing-Degree-Day of the Optimal Harvest Timing of Spring Pouchong Tea in Taiwan under Climate Change 10.6342/NTU201902084
Han, En-Hong Min Hui Lo The Impact of Extremely High Temperature and Heat Stress on Human Health in Taiwan 10.6342/NTU201902902
Li, Kuan-Hsien Chyi-Rong Chiou Wooden-building Life Cycle Carbon Footprint and Forestry Carbon Sink Assessment 10.6342/NTU201900179

Class of 2018

Master Student Advisor Title DOI
Chen, Wei-Kai Ching-Pin Tung A Study on Building Capacity of Urban Community for Climate Adaptation 10.6342/NTU201803820
Hsieh, Ting-Chu Sheng Feng Shen, Min Hui Lo Climatic Variability in Global Mountain Areas and Its Impacts on Species Range Size 10.6342/NTU201802437
Huang, Jing-Yun Ching-Pin Tung Quantitative Definition of Solar Terms and Application to Development a Local Farmer Supporting Tool 10.6342/NTU201803827
Wang, Szu-Fang Jehn Yih Juang Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Changes on Human Thermal Comfort in Taoyuan, Taiwan 10.6342/NTU201803813