International Collaborations

MDP Director: Prof. Chien, Shiuh-Shen (schien@ntu.edu.tw)

Teacher Representative: Prof. Hsieh, Yi-Huan

Student Representative: Mariana Reyes (Regional SAAC East Asia Regional Leader, reyesmariana141@gmail.com)
In June 2019, IPCS signed a cooperation agreement with the Master's in Development Practice program (MDP). MDP is a master's degree internship program, linking 30 top universities and research centers in 6 continents to form an internship platform for master's students at these member schools. The internship opportunities encompass themes such as sustainable cities, human rights issues, climate change, and how people, communities, governments, and private corporations should adapt and coexist symbiotically on earth. This summer, after joining the MDP, IPCS faculty and students welcomed a Master’s student from Trinity College of Ireland and assisted her in conducting interviews and field surveys in the Pinglin area. In addition to continually welcoming foreign students, the program will also send students to other institutions for internships through this platform, thus promoting diverse learning and communication opportunities with teachers and students from all over the world.

Google Map of Field Practicum Sites