Thesis Posters Awards

The purpose of the poster awards is to collect graduates' thesis posters. In addition to serving as a souvenir for thesis production, it is also hoped that it can be placed on the official website for future students to have some references for thesis direction.


· Recent IPCS graduates

Submission rules

· A0 poster (key content of the paper; format: 84.1*118.9 cm, pdf file)
· 1:1 picture (the essence of the paper, for placing FB; format: 1080 x 1080 pixel picture, 600 dpi)
· Chinese or English, the presentation method is not limited


· Participation Award
· 1:1 Picture Eye-catching Award (no language limited, one person)
· Poster Gold Award (no language limit, one person)

Submission time

· To be announced at the IPCS Community.

2020 Thesis Posters Awards

2021 Thesis Posters Awards