2021 Posters

IPCS Posters Awards 2021

Yu, Ke-Sin

#Poster Gold Award
Title: Simulation and analysis of rainfall-induced disaster for urban flood early warning in Taipei city: a case study of afternoon thunderstorm in 2019
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Jihn-Sung Lai, Yi-Huan Hsieh
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202100519

Xie, Sizhe

#Poster Gold Award
Title: The contribution of urban farming to social sustainability: a case study of four urban gardens in Taipei
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Sheng Lin Chang, Thung-Hong Lin
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202103050

Lu, Yi-Ting

#1:1 Picture Eye-catching Award
Title: Energy Justice Strategy in Energy Transitions: A Case Study of the UK Vulnerable Consumers in the Retail Electricity Market
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Tze-Luen Alan Lin
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202103793

Wu, Yi-Chen

Title: Taiwan's Foreign Aid Strategy Shift: from Diplomacy to Development and Security
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Shiuh-Shen Chien
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202104315

Hung, Wei

Title: Climate Change Literacy for 12-Year Basic Education from Perspective of Sustainable Development: A Study on Practice in Corporate Sustainability
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Ching-Pin Tung
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202100322

Chang, Hsun-Yun

Title: Application of WRI Aqueduct Water Risk Indicators to Evaluate Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of Taoyuan
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Ching-Pin Tung
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202104169

Hsu, Li Shih

Title: The Potential Impact of Surface Ozone on Crops due to Climate Change in Taiwan
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Jen-Ping Chen, I-Chun Tsai
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202100536

Chen, Lo-Yi

Title: Using Self-Organizing Map to Develop a Probabilistic Flood Early Warning System Based on Radar Reflectivity
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Jihn-Sung Lai
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202103934

Yang, En-Yang

Title: Spatial and Temperal Distribution of Micro and Mesoplastic Particles after Extreme Weather Events in Fulong, Northern Taiwan
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Ludvig Löwemark
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202103641

Chan, Shiun-Cheng

Title: How Interspecific Competition Influences the Reproductive Skew of Burying Beetles (Nicrophorus nepalensis, Hope 1831)
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Sheng Feng Shen
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202100579

Liu, I-Wen

Title: The Establishment of TCFD Climate-Related Physical Risk Assessment and Management Framework: The Case of Airport Company
Graduation: 2021
Instructor(s): Ching-Pin Tung
DOI: 10.6342/NTU202100613