Overseas on-site Research

2020 Recipients

Nynia Chatal Etienne, 1st-year Master's student. Why are mental health issues marginalized in St. Lucia? Analyzing post-disaster government policies.

2019 Recipients

Wu, Yi-Chen, 4th-year Doctoral student. Strategizing sympathy: Taiwan’s trilateral humanitarian assistance in Syria refugee crisis.

Loan Thi Phan, 3rd-year Doctoral student. Ecotourism management in wetland protected areas under the context of climate change: The case of Mekong River Delta, Vietnam.

Manassé ELUSMA, 2nd-year Doctoral student. Food System Vulnerability and Resilience to Climate Disasters : Farmers’ Coping Capacity and Adaptation Strategies of Northern Haiti.

David Ryan Broman, 2nd-year Doctoral student. Leadership for Sustainable Development in Marginalised Communities.

Mariana Gabrielle Cangco Reyes, 1st-year Master's student. The effectivity of low-cost coral transplantation in Anilao, Mabini.