2022/03/21 [演講] Offshore wind in the Central California Coast - 2022年3月25日

Offshore wind in the Central California Coast: resource characteristics and potential impact on commercial fisheries and the marine environment

Dr. Yi-Hui Wang – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

3月 25日 (星期五) · 下午12:30 - 14:30

全球變遷中心G202 & Goole Meet

The state of California has set aggressive renewable energy goals, and offshore wind will be an important component of this renewable portfolio. Due to relatively strong winds and unique geographical location with existing electrical grid connections, the Central California Coast was selected for home to one of two Wind Energy Areas in the state delineated for future offshore wind development (i.e., Morro Bay Wind Energy Area). This talk will give an overview of offshore wind and summarize a series of studies on offshore wind in Central California. The topics will focus on the characteristics of offshore wind resources, and the potential impact of offshore wind development on commercial fisheries and the marine environment, which are of high concern in the local community.