2022/03/25 [公告] Global Leadership English Challenge (GLEC) 2022, SDGs-themed

Global Leadership English Challenge (GLEC) is an English speech/essay contest for the youth worldwide under the grand theme of “United Nations and SDGs.” Starting from 2012, the GLEC is calling on the participation of the youth by selecting the theme of competition as the annual UN agenda and desirable targets for everyone in the world. The participants are divided into four tracks by grade, from elementary to middle school, high school, and university. Through the competition, the participants are asked to analyze global issues, point out the problems of the status quo, and suggest a solution from their perspectives. The youth can formulate concrete ideas on how to tackle global challenges and develop critical thinking.

Please access the Concept Notes for more details.

Program Title

Global Leadership English Challenge 2022 (Vietnam focus)

*We divide students into two groups Domestic (Vietnamese) and International (Non-Vietnamese) for this competition. For other countries, please visit for schedules.


English Speech and/or Essay Writing


All international students from Grade 4

*Any participant from all different nations can join since we have collected students from more than 10 different countries last year.


United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals

Application Period

2022/04/01 – 2022/04/22 (

*Detailed schedules are available at


Worth 1,300,000,000 VND in total


All online based through Zoom