Q: Are the Masters/PhD programs internationally recognized?
National Taiwan University Masters/PhD programs are officially accredited by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan. In terms of eligibility for admission into PhD programs at other universities, students are advised to confirm that their prospective schools recognize the IPCS master’s degree.
Q: What countries do IPCS international students come from?
● Australia 澳洲
● Vietnam 越南
● Philippines 菲律賓
● Haiti 海地
● Mainland China 中國

Q: What are the different types of scholarships available?
MOFA-外交部: https://www.mofa.gov.tw/en/default.html
NTU for international student-國際學生: https://oia.ntu.edu.tw/prospective-students/study-at-ntu-vvh9/scholarships
NTU for Taiwan student-台灣學生: https://advisory.ntu.edu.tw/CMS/Scholarship
IPCS-學程: http://www.ipcs.ntu.edu.tw/page/about/index.aspx?kind=107
Q: What is the timetable for the application process?
Updated IPCS application deadlines for international students can be found here.
General information on applying to NTU as an international student can be found here.

Q: Are IPCS courses suitable for those with a social science background?
IPCS core courses are designed to be interdisciplinary, so that all students regardless of background will be able to take them and participate in knowledge sharing. If a course requires prior scientific background, this will be indicated in the syllabus.
IPCS核心課程的設計皆為跨領域課程,因此無論背景如何,學生都可以參加課程並共享知識。 若該課程需要一定的科學背景,則會註明在其課程大綱中。

Q: What was seniors' research about?
     IPCS 學長姐都在做些什麼研究?
Depending on your research interest and background, you can develop your own topic by integrating interdisciplinary knowledge. There is more information for you at (1) Results of student research (2) Topics of IPCS fellowship grants (3) Lists of student's advisors.
依照不同方向與尺度,並且整合跨領域知識,發展出自己感興趣之題目,可以參考(1) 畢業海報獎 (2) 獎學金題目 (3) 學生指導老師列表